Rastatt Rural District

Holiday and relax where the Rhine river, great wine, and the Black Forest meet!

The rural district of Rastatt lies in the northern Black Forest. Its distinctive and varied landscapes make the area truly great destination to travel to. Whether you’re a nature lover, a wine connoisseur, or a culture enthusiast – there’s an enormous range of things to do and see in the rural district of Rastatt.

The wild and romantic ‘Murg’ valley is the ideal place for some serious hiking and cycling. Amongst the many natural sights of the region are fascinating glacial lakes and upland raised bogs.

For those keen on exploring areas of natural beauty – be it independently or with guided tours, on foot or by bicycle – the ‘PAMINA Rheinpark’ is a must see. It is the largest single area of protected river wetlands in central Europe.

Food and wine enthusiasts will find just what they are looking for in the sun-kissed vineyard hills surrounding ‘Bühl’ and ‘Bühlertal’. Visitors can indulge in the delightful flavours of the aromatic Ortenau wines and the excellent regional cuisine of Baden at one of the numerous vineyards, wine cooperatives, cosy pubs, and fine-dining restaurants.

In addition to nature and culinary delights the Rastatt Rural District has a wealth of cultural highlights on offer which range from impressive castles and palaces to monasteries and churches, various museums, and theatre productions.

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