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Rastatt Rural District: a hiking paradise

District of Rastatt

Rastatt Rural District is an incredible hiking paradise. Not only has the region a vast network of different routes, there are also three trails which have been crowned ‘premium hiking trails’ by the German Hiking Institute: The ‘Murgleiter’ route, the ‘Gernsbacher Runde’, and the ‘Myths & Legends Trail’.

The ‘Murgleiter’ route is one of the best rated premium trails in Germany and takes in many scenic highlights on its 68 miles route from Gaggenau-Bad Rotenfels to the ‘Schliffkopf’ mountain plateau near Baiersbronn.

Further information on the ‘Murgleiter’: (German-language website)

The ‘Gernsbacher Runde’ in the rural district of Rastatt is a circular route around the town of Gernsbach, a popular base for walking activities, and covers a total of 26 miles. It takes in many places of historical interest and rewards hikers with breath-taking vistas.

Further information on the ‘Gernsbacher Runde’: (German-language website)

The region’s third premium hiking trail is considered to be a ‘leisure trail’ due to it being only 3.3 miles long. The ‘Myths & Legends Trail’ in Gernsbach (‘Gernsbacher Sagenweg’) takes hikers through a world full of magical legends and myths at the slopes of the ‘Gernsberg’ mountain and offers hiking fun for adults and children alike.

Further information on the ‘Gernsbacher Sagenweg’: (German-language website)

The ‘Westweg’ trail is another highlight. This long-distance trail’s second and third stages pass through the rural district of Rastatt, as does the 62 miles Ortenau Wine Trail (‘Ortenauer Weinpfad’). In the course of a few days, hikers can sample famous Ortenau wines as well as culinary delights from the region, whilst at the same time taking in spectacular castles, palaces, and vantage points along the way.

Chasing waterfalls? Then the ‘Gertelbachsteig’ hiking trail is just the thing for you! Discover a series of impressive cascades framed by majestic rock formations plus wonderful views over the Black Forest foothills and the Rhine Valley.

Further information on hiking in the region: (Google-translated website)

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