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The old town of Gernsbach and Eberstein Castle

District of Rastatt


The town of Gernsbach is the so-called ‘Pearl of the Murg Valley’ and encompasses a rich and eventful history. The impressive buildings of the historic old town bear witness to the wealth of a bygone era, when timber trade and rafting on the Murg were an important business in the area. The tradesmen built rafts by roping up solid logs of fir and spruce and floated them down the Murg, onto the Rhine river, and then all the way to Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

With its delightful half-timbered houses, fountains, the old city walls, and the historic town hall as well as numerous cafes, the town is the perfect place to while away one’s time. One of the town’s highlights is the annual old town festival with a spectacular riverside fireworks display.

Overlooking the town of Gernsbach, the Eberstein Castle (‘Schloss Eberstein)’ was built in 1272 and legends and tales still abound this impressive manor. Today, the castle with its fantastic vistas over the valleys and peaks of the Black Forest is a popular destination for travellers. In 2000, the Margraves of Baden passed the ownership of the castle on to private hands. After careful and comprehensive renovation, it is now housing a luxury hotel and haute cuisine.

Here Michelin-starred chef Bernd Werner creates his original and light Baden-French gourmet experiences with the castle’s courtyard playing home to a wine outlet, offering the award-winning wines of the Eberstein Castle winery.

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