Landkreis Rastatt

Street theater festival “tête-à-tête” Rastatt

Landkreis Rastatt

Stadt Rastatt

The tête-à-tête is the largest international street theater festival in Germany and positions itself with its contemporary direction. Every two years, international professional artists from all over Europe come to Rastatt to transform the baroque city into a setting for modern public theater. On five days and six nights, the curated festival shows a breathtaking mix of artistry, dance and performance in the streets, squares and parks of the city. Outside of traditional theater stages, it’s grasses and cobblestones that mean the world.

At tête-à-tête, artistic newcomers meet well-known crowd pleasers, renowned productions meet experimental young talents, and visually stunning stage productions meet poetic installations. The festival’s cross-genre program has both entertaining and political aspirations. Overall, the opulent program selection captivates through diversity and a sense of new artistic trends and developments.

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